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Service Every Sunday

10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.


November 2023


November 5, 2023

Speaker: Ms. Heather Allen

Program Chair: Pres. Emma Principe

November 12, 2023

Speaker: Dr Louis Gates

Program Chair: Pres. Emma Principe

November 19, 2023

Speaker: Karen Loffler

Program Chair: Rev. Denise Meyer

**(Board Meeting)

November 26, 2023

Speaker: Emma Principe

Program Chair: Rev. Denise Meyer

October 2023

October 1, 2023

Speaker: Ms. Leslie Brindley

Program Chair: Pres. Emma Principe

On this rainy Sunday morning, we enjoyed the upliftment and thrill of the confluence of meditation, music, spirit greetings, and the knowledge of our speaker.

Our group energy is feeling expansive, and the exchange of energy between our congregation and presenters dances with our hearts, bodies, and Spirits to the benefit of all who are so willing to allow it.

Ms. Brinkley, a first-time speaker with us, presented a discussion about the benefits of caring for your health and well-being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through the knowledge of energy frequencies and thus offering another tool to build Self-Mastery.


The music selection this week was; Just Be Held by Casting Crowns, Dear Younger Me by Mercy Me, and Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Danny Gokey.

Spirit Greetings were offered by Rev. Principe with her gifts of humor and directness, wrapped in sacredness.

Meditation was led by Rev. Meyer with a frequency of Reiki energy which also concluded service with a healing through the Divine Feminine(mother).

May the new week bring insight and inspiration as you journey ever nearer to your true Self.
Rev. Denise Meyer

October 8, 2023

Speaker: Rev. Denise Meyer

Program Chair: Ms. Emma Principe

On this Sunday morning, we again enjoyed the upliftment and thrill of the confluence of meditation, music, spirit greetings, and the speaker's message.


Our group energy continues to feel expansive as we partake in this quiet agreement to find Spirit: within ourselves, in Nature, and in the myriad of creative expressions that are present in our lives.

Rev Meyer focused her talk on the power of the healing prayer Ho'oponopono with its four lines;







As a tool to build Self-Mastery, this prayer brings feelings of relief, release from the past, and clarity to the new experience.


The music selection this week:


John Lennon's "Imagine"


Tim McGraw "Humble and Kind"


Spirit Greetings were lovingly and profoundly offered by Rev Principe and Rev Souders.

Meditation was led by Rev Meyer.


May the new week bring insight and inspiration as you journey ever nearer to your true Self.


Rev. Denise Meyer

October 15, 2023

Speaker: Ms. Karen Loffler

Program Chair: Rev. Denise Meyer

On this Sunday morning, we delved into our hearts to claim all that we hold in that sacred place, the sad and the glad.

The first musical choice is a favorite of ours, "Wonderful World" sung by Louis Armstrong. A heartwarming song remarking on how much appreciation there is to see and feel in the world as we live and grow together over the years.

Rev Meyer's meditation drew us to take notice of the energy state of our hearts, guiding us to throw open the window and let stagnate themes flow out in order to allow fresh clean energy to return to rejuvenate your sacred space.

Karen Drucker's song "I am so Blessed" supported the theme of life appreciation that led into the message from our speaker, Ms. Loffler.

Ms. Loffler shared her personal story of listening to your Higher Self during challenging times, offering that while we may linger in fear and worry our Higher Self is always singing a joyful tune for your life. Her insights were guiding you to practice seeking that feeling often, realign to Spirit, to listen for guidance and trust in that relationship.

"Old Church Choir" by Zach Williams carried us joyfully to the sharing of Spirit messages.

Rev. Principe and Ms. Loffler offered the messages with warmth, clarity, and loving-kindness along with new member Jose Principe.

May you find joy in your heart and accept the powers of self-love in caring for your well-being.

Rev. Denise Meyer

October 22, 2023

Speaker: Mr. Jon Sager

Program Chair: Ms. Emma Principe

***Medium Workshop*** 12:00  pm- 2:00 pm

On this Sunday morning, we continue to focus our tools of Self-Mastery on inner well-being.

Our musical choices were; "Man in the Mirror", by Michael Jackson, "One Love", by Bob Marley and "Hope You Dance" by Ann Womack. Each song invites you to engage lovingly with your life and thoughts.

Rev. Principe's heart-centered meditation guided us to increase the capacity to love yourself, to connect with the always available, Spiritually limitless, and unconditional love.♥️

Mr. Sagar's words encouraged us to find ways of gentleness with our thoughts and feelings in our perceptions of daily exchanges with others and more importantly with yourself. Practice releasing harsh and unnecessary judgments, more patience within each segment of the day, and increasing messages of self-love will serve your well-being and develop a skill of Mastery over any limiting negative habits.


A workshop, led by Joy Sagar, was enjoyed as the group practiced exercises and how-to discussion focused on connecting to Spirit.

May you find joy in your heart and accept the powers of self-love in caring for your well-being.

Rev. Denise Meyer

October 29,  2023

Speaker: Mr. Bob Grillo

Program Chair: Rev. Denise Meyer

A wonderful and exquisite harmony was created and enjoyed once again throughout our service by our communal endeavors and shared intentions for peace, love, and well-being. ♥️ 


Supportive song choices were: "Let It Be", by Paul McCartney; "One World" by Bob Marley, and "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Each with a positive theme that the world is loving and when we observe that it isn't...we send love and let it be fully sent in trust through Spirit.


The group meditation focused on our power as a unified field of intention to offer healing energies of love and peace around the world and back again to our sacred own bodies and lives. 


Mr. Grillo's talk offered a fresh insight into scientific discoveries that shine a light on the beautiful balance that thrives inside the world of elemental particles: atoms, protons, electrons, and quarks. He shared his enthusiasm for the science that discovers ever infinitesimally smaller sources of energy that exist in our physical body and our expansive Universe. "We are of this One body of energy" he posits for our deeper understanding of Spirit and science as an inseparable union of energy that ever changes yet never exhausts. 


A singular Spirit greeting, delivered by Rev. Principe, was focused on the unity of our group energy to further engage the power of love, and experience the feelings that move through you as love and light energy is directed around the world for peace.



We are certain and truly powerful candles of light on this earth.

Keep your light shining.

Be the Peace, Love, and Light in the World.


Rev. Denise Meyer

September 2023


September 3, 2023

Speaker: Mr. Joy Sager

Program Chair: Ms. Emma Principe


September 10, 2023

Speaker: Rev. Denise Meyer

Program Chair: Ms. Emma Principe

Services September 10, 2023 recap:

Speaker: Reverend Denise Meyer Program Chair: President Emma Principe


We enjoyed the music, meditation, and messages with our shared desire to reach for Spiritual Mastery. Over the months of this year, we have focused on forgiveness of oneself and the expanding of our own acceptance of being Spirit in our human experience. President Principe's words of support were offered to guide one's perceptions and personal responsibility back to Source and to Spirit so that we come to know that we are love and loved.


The music choices; "Fingerprints of God", by Dan Bremmes, "I am Fully Known", by Tauren Wells, "Three Little Birds ", and by Bob Marley and The Wailers, created harmony in the messages to us. You are perfect; perfectly made, seen, and known.


Reverend Meyer's words guided us to dance with change in our lives and to find peace and power in the wise discernment of the observer.


Spirit greetings were offered by President Principe and Reverend Souders.


May our shared experience in service expand your Self Mastery on the journey back to Source.



Rev Denise Meyer

September 17, 2023

Speaker: Rev. Theresa Sounders

Program Chair: Rev. Denise Meyer

(Board Meeting After Service)

September 17, 2023

On this Sunday morning, we enjoyed music, much laughter, meditation, and our Spirit messages. The energy, as a group, is shining ever brighter as we learn to love, forgive, and claim our sovereignty as Spirits.


The music we shared this week was; "It's a  Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, Kermit the Frog's "Rainbows" and Jackie DeShannon's "What the World Needs Now is Love"
Rev Souders words of finding gifts of Spirit while feeling the chaos of our world add to our practice of mastery in this life.

Spirit messages were delivered by Rev Souders, Emma Principe, and Karen Loffler.

May you all find joy and this new generation week.



Rev Denise Meyer

September 24, 2023

Speaker: Ms. Alyssa

Program Chair: Rev. Denise Meyer



Spiritual Enrichment Classes


No Classes Scheduled for September 2023

Members: $30 per class Non-members: $50 per class

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