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Rev. Laura J.K. Beers 

Our beloved sister has transitioned to the light. She is missed and continues her work in Spirit. We hold her in heart-felt gratitude for all the gifts and love she shared.

Loretta Bosch

30 plus years as vessel for Spiritual Mediumship, Spirit Communication and Intuitive

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Karen Loffler

Karen blends intuition and creativity in her card readings and private sessions. Using self-sustaining techniques and individualized messages she helps shift perceptions to unlock possibilities. She has been reading tarot cards for 10 years and has been learning the energetic healing arts for almost 20 years. All her life “odd” things happened to her: voices from nowhere sharing wisdom, visions of energy fields, empathic and psychic premonitions, visitors from other realms. Combining all these gifts with her academic education in Creativity, she has found a gentle space to help others by using concrete techniques and energy modulation.

Kit and Natalie Mitchell

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Rev. Denise Meyer

Rev. Denise Meyer is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki III, Oneness Deeksha Blessing Giver, Medium, Integrated Energy Therapy, Denise is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek which pledges to lift up humanity through acts of love. She is also a graduate of Marist College with a BS Degree. Denise has been practicing Reiki and healing since 1999. She is a regular speaker and teacher at Spiritualist Chapel

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Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar is a Certified Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer and Teacher through Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association. He is a gifted Reiki Master Teacher. He enjoys public speaking, teaching, & learning with like-minded individuals. He takes interest in Photography, Poetry, and bits of writing. - Phone 386-479-5225 - email:

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Graham Williamson

Graham works with and for Spirit. Since being an infant he has been aware of his abilities with and for Spirit. All his life, he has used all the Gifts he was born with together and without limitation, in order to do his best in proving Spiritual continuity of life with loved ones after the change called death. Graham comes from England and was trained as a Medium by his mother who did Spiritual Rescue work. Graham was with the SNU in England and has also trained in the U.S.A. with various registered Spiritualist Associations. Graham also is a past student with the Morris Pratt Institute. He is also a Wedding Officiate. If you wish for a Reading, call, text, video or face to face.

Contact email: - Phone: (352) 409 - 1060

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